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Restoring Hope After a Loved Ones Suicide
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Survivors Fighting Suicidal Thoughts

Do You Have Thoughts of Suicide?
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It’s not uncommon for a survivor to struggle with thoughts of suicide. The pain runs  deep and it really feels like you will never have a good life again. The hopelessness,  sleeplessness, anxiety, PTSD, etc. overwhelm you. The accusing voices of guilt that  buzz around in your head feel like they will never be silenced. If you are having these thoughts, please tell someone. If you have been making a  plan for how to do it, please let people know that you have days (or moments) that  you struggle with this and you shouldn’t be alone. I promise you, if you give it some time and get some good support, you WILL heal and one day reclaim your life. I know that sounds so impossible to survivors in the first  year or so, but I promise it can happen. We’ve helped hundreds of survivors reach  that place and we can help you also. If you are in an unsafe place right now and feel like you don’t trust what you may  do, please call 800-273-8255 and talk to someone. Many of the hotlines are  answered by volunteers that are also survivors. Please take care of you. If you need some good support, I highly recommend my book. It was written as if  you’re sitting in a support group. It’s an easy read because a survivors mind cannot  concentrate. It covers a lot of issues we all deal with, and I have gotten so many  emails thanking me for writing it and in many cases, telling me it saved their life. Please, please fight through the pain and stay here with us. You are so worth it!! And no matter how it may feel, you’re loved ones need you to stay here.
“I want to tell you how much this  book has helped me.  After the deaths of my brother and nephews to  suicide, I read at least a dozen or so  books relating to suicide.  They were  good, but I wish your book had been  available at that time.  I found your  book to be the most helpful as it was  not only easy to read, and written in  a style that could be read in small  portions, but most of all, it wasn’t all  about you and your loss.  Your book  relates to all of us who have lost a  loved one to suicide.”  – Becky