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Some of the Shirts in Our Road2healing Tee Shop
These shirts are either currently in our Tee Shop or have been. If you see a shirt you really want and it’s no longer being offered, please email us or send us a message on Facebook and let us know. Shirts come in several color choices and styles: hoodies, womens fitted shirts, V necks, tank tops and more. Just click over and select the drop down menu for the style, then click on the color choices to pick your favorites. These shirts are high quality and we’ve had a lot of compliments from happy customers.  All proceeds go to Road2healing.
Going down the left side, words to describe how a suicide feels to a survivor. The words on the right side explain our roller coaster of grief. We are indeed SURVIVORS, not just survivors! (The graphics here are a little blurry but the T-shirts are not.) 
Visit our Tee Shop to see the newest shirts and order the ones you missed! Click Here
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